(Used) Grass Valley Kayak DD-2-CP Digital Production Switcher

(Used) Grass Valley Kayak DD-2-CP Digital Production Switcher

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The Grass Valley KayakDD™ digital production switcher is an affordable, compact, and flexible system that offers an array of high-end features for everything from live studio and mobile production to small corporate studios and editing applications. The KayakDD switcher leverages many of the features found in the Thomson Grass Valley XtenDD™ and Zodiak™ switchers. The result is a compact system with superior image quality and features not found in any other product. Switchable between 525-line and 625-line formats, the KayakDD system includes four high-quality keyers and complete machine control functionality. It features 32 inputs, 10 fixed outputs, and 10 timed auxiliary buses. And it accommodates such options as Chromatte™ chroma keying, RGB color correction, and up to eight transform engines for sophisticated digital video effects. For ease of operation, the KayakDD system features an intuitive menu using an integrated touch-screen color display. It also offers a networking capability that enables different frames to be delegated to a single panel as well as multiple panels to share a single frame. Only 3 RU high, the lightweight KayakDD-2 switcher is designed to be highly portable.


• Switchable between 525-line and 625-line formats
• Fully digital 10-bit, 4:2:2 inputs, outputs, and video processing
• Compact, lightweight 3 RU frame
• Low power consumption
• Intuitive menu with touch screen
• 32 inputs
• 10 fixed M/E outputs (2x PGM, 1x Preview, 1xClean, 1xCleanPVW per M/E)
• 10 timed auxiliary buses
• Internal frame optional RAMRecorder holds short clips and stills and works as
frame synchronizer
• Remote monitoring support via optional NetCentral software
• Four keyers, each with linear, luminance and optional Chromatte™ chroma key
functionality per M/E
• Optional RGB color correction
• Four channels of high-end digital effects (Option) per M/E


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