(Used) Brainstorm Electronics SR15+ Time Code Distripalyzer
(Used) Brainstorm Electronics SR15+ Time Code Distripalyzer

(Used) Brainstorm Electronics SR15+ Time Code Distripalyzer

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Time code enables different pieces of studio gear to work together but it has become a source of problems and frustrations for many engineers. The SR-15+ can eliminate these frustrations by providing three essential functions in one comprehensive unit: a time code analyzer, a distributor/ reshaper and a pilot tone stripper.

The SR-15+ accurately monitor the phase between time code and video and report even slow drifts. Printed time code report: A comprehensive report that includes format, video phase and time code errors can be sent to an external printer or computer via the rear panel parallel and serial ports.

The front panel displays separately the format (24, 25 or 30), the drop frame status and the frame rate of the incoming time code. For example: 30 drop at a rate of 29.97. No more guessing! In addition, the counter can show potential problems such as jitter or wow and flutter.

Distributor Configuration: 1x5 (2 inputs w/ front panel selector switch) Input Signal: SMPTE/EBU Longitudinal Time Code (Forward or reverse; play, shuttle and wind) Impedance: 20KΩ bal.; 10KΩ unbal. Level: -30dbU min; +20dbU Max

Output Signal: Waveform: switchable rise time Impedance: 600Ω bal.; 300Ω unbal. Level: adjustable (front panel pot): full off to +8dbU bal.; to + 2dbU unbal. Amplitude distortion: less than 2%


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