(Used) Evertz HD9725LGA HD/SD Logo Inserter and Media Inserter
(Used) Evertz HD9725LGA HD/SD Logo Inserter and Media Inserter

(Used) Evertz HD9725LGA HD/SD Logo Inserter and Media Inserter

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The HD9725LG Logo Inserter system is a complete HD/SD Logo Insertion package that will key one, or many, static/animated "bugs" over an HD or SD video signal. Logos created in BMP, Tiff, TGA or WAV fi le formats can be imported into the Evertz® Overture™ software and transferred to the HD9725LG via Ethernet. Logos are stored in  flash memory and can be quickly accessed via front panel, quick select keys, GPI inputs, automation and Overture™. With the removable Compact Flash option you can have access of up to eight Gigabytes of online logo storage space and virtually unlimited archived media storage

Stores and inserts static and animated logos or media clips
• Multiple simultaneous logos can be keyed directly onto the
HD or SD video signal
• Multi–layer keying
• Supports 1080i, 720p, 1035i, 1080psF, 480p, 525, and 625 formats
• Full 12–bit linear video keyer with logo fade–in and fade–out processing
• Independent control of logo position, transparency and offset
• Independent control of fade in and fade out of static logos
• Input bypass relays for power failure protection
• Automatic equalization up to 100m @ 1.5Gb/s
(Belden 1694A or equivalent)
• Program and Preview outputs
• Reference to input video or color black
• Gigabit Ethernet interface
• LTC input for analog or digital “Breakfast Clocks"
• Manage logos from a standard PC using Ethernet
and Overture™ software
• Standard 4GB compact flash storage with 2GB playout cache
• Optional +HTXT feature to support crawls and text teasers/snipes
• Optional 8GB internal compact flash storage
• Optional additional removable flash memory of 4GB or 8GB
• Option to increase playout cache to 8GB DRAM

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