Wohler AMP1A-VTR Audio Monitor

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  • The AMP1A Series monitors provide self-powered, full fidelity stereo audio monitoring of 2 analog channels (1 stereo channel) in the smallest rack space possible
  • These units contain four high performance transducers driven by three power amplifiers
  • One amplifier/driver combination handles midrange and high frequency information in stereo, while the second handles summed low frequency information below the 500 Hz crossover point.
  • The unique design provides optimally focused sound for operators in an ultra near field (1 to 3 ft.) working environment and offers performance comparable to that of many separate monitor pairs, yet does so without the installation hassles, awkward speaker placements and “added-on” look. 
  • This provides for a higher SPL for the operator while reducing overall ambient sound and adjacent bay crosstalk.
  • Extended HF response reveals potential problems with audio whine or hiss. 
  • Electronic rather than acoustic cancellation of bass frequencies provides positive audible detection of out-of-phase (reversed polarity) audio feeds. 
  • A headphone jack is provided on the front panel; usage automatically mutes the speakers.
  • This listing only includes the items and accessories pictured or mentioned.  All other cables, software, adapters, manuals, remotes, etc are not included if not pictured or mentioned.  
  • Tested for key funcitons
  • Tested unit on bench and found unit had bad power supply. Repaired PWR supply and again tested. Unit passes