URS0010 scott clark battery

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13.2V 25.0Ah (330Wh) Lithium Iron Phosphate Smart Battery

The ULTRALIFE URB0012 is a Lithium iron phosphate smart battery which is designed to provide 330Wh of energy to the ULTRALIFE URS0010 Scott Clark power system.

Rated at 13.2V and 25.0Ah (330Wh) the URB0012 is a self contained smart battery which operates under the most demanding conditions.

The URB0012 contains embedded circuitry which protects it from over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature. The URB0012 also contains a highly accurate fuel gauge which communicates a myriad critical data to the host device. A simple 5-LED state of charge indicator on the battery allows the user to quickly determine the state of charge. These LEDs also self-illuminate when the battery is being charged.

The URB0012 complies with the latest international transportation testing requirements and is certified to both UL 2054 and IEC 62133:2012 safety standards so customer can be assured of system safety at all times.

Designed by the customer: Voice of customer design process is the cornerstone of all great products. The genesis of the URB0012 battery and URS0010 power system (battery, intelligent power supply and battery holster) is based on feedback from Scott Clark Medical, a leading medical cart manufacturer who provided the initial design and product concept to Ultralife. Through joint collaboration over 18 months, collectively we developed and implemented an efficient lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery design and intelligent power supply system that includes many features to increase work-flow and user friendliness.