Ureach 1:23 Compact Fast CFAST Flash Duplicator/Sanitizer 3.9GB/Min - CFAST924G

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Ureach 1:23 Compact Fast CFAST Flash Duplicator/Sanitizer 3.9GB/Min - CFAST924G

Tested for Key Functions, R2/Ready for Resale: Erased card with unit

Good condition

AC Adapter not included

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COMPLETELY STANDALONE: No computer or software required for operation.

COMPATIBILITY: CFast 1.0 and CFast 2.0 Devices. The CFAST card can have a capacity up to largest size available on the market.

COPY FUNCTIONALITY: High-speed copy reaching 3.9GB/min at each port, up to 120 ports. Provides bit-by-bit copy for all formats, including proprietary and unknown formats, for Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4), Mac (HFS/HFS+/HFSX), NTFS, FAT16/32/64

ERASE FEATURES: Sanitizes data by either Quick Erase, Full Erase, or DoD Erase

EASY MAINTENANCE: Quickly swap CFAST modules at your convenience! Modular socket design allows quick replacement of individual ports to reduce downtimes.


* Systems and Files (Quick Copy Mode)

The duplicator automatically copies only the data area, rather than the empty spaces within the capacity, which reduces the duration of the copy process.

 Whole Media

1. The duplicator copies from the initial sector to the end, bit-by-bit.

2. There are no format limitation in this mode.


  • U-Reach flash memory duplicator/sanitizer has built-in functions to inspect flash devices. It helps the user to identity and remove poor quality CFast cards.
  • * H3 Read Only Test
    • Determines if the flash is readable. This test will not modify pre-existing data.
  • * H5 Write/Read Test
    • Overwrites machine-generated values to all sectors in the NAND flash, and verifies them to determine quality. Once the test passes, then devices are formatted into FAT.
  • * H6 Quality Test
    • Resembling the H5 test, it overwrites machine generated-values only to the empty sectors without disturbing pre-existing data, partitions, and formats.
  • * Capacity Check
    • Verifies initial sector and the final sector the connected flash device within 2 seconds.
  • * Read/Write Speed Check
    • This function performs a read/write benchmark of the connected devices within 8 seconds.
  • * Burn-in Test
    • Performs user-defined burn-in tests to flash devices from 30 minutes through 30 days to determine quality and longevity.