TOA BG-2120 CU

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The BG-2120 is a 120 W 5-input mixer amplifier for background music and general announcement. It is suited for use in bars, retail stores, and banquet rooms, and is equipped with the MOH OUT that permits 2-channel broadcast when used in conjunction with the optional booster amplifier BA-235 (35 W) or BA-260 (60 W).

The Toa BG-2120 Mixer Amplifier is designed to operate as the front end to any commercial audio system in background music (BGM), foreground music, paging applications and more. The BG-2120 features 5-channels and a power rating of 120 watts, with operation allowing for programming in one zone. The front panel features an intuitive set of controls with level dials for each channel. The rear is fitted with removable euroblock connectors and DIP switches for easy programming. 


  • Compact five channel Mixer-Amplifier for paging, background/foreground music.
  • Distribution and music messaging-on-hold.
  • All inputs/outputs with removable terminal blocks allow quick and easy installation.