Sony BVM-14F5U with input cards BKM-24N and A-1135-861-A and remote

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Sony BVM-14F5U with input cards BKM-24N and  A-1135-861-A and remote

Tested for Key Functions, R2/Ready for Resale: Unit powers up, displays image on rgb and composite inputs.  Color and calibration seem close, but not 1000% perfect.  Could be settings, could eventually need capacitors.  No Burn in. Unit has approximately 21,338 hours on it.  Sony BVM Maintenance password - 53415 works to check things out.  Front panel controls all work.  That said sometimes the brightness select button is a little touchy and you have to push it a few times to get it to work.  Overall functional unit.  Local pickup near Los Angeles ONLY.  

Front panel is nice with no rack rash.  Sides probably had mounting rails at one time and the metal is flexed slightly where the mounts were.  Some slight bends on the bnc inputs on the BKM-24n card, but they work fine

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