RDL HR-DAC1 192 kHz Digital to Analog audio converter

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RDL HR-DAC1 192 kHz Digital to Analog audio converter.

Tested for key functionality, R2/Ready for Resale: Tested AES and AED3ID to balanced and unbalanced audio. Did not test SPDIF coax or fiber.  Did not test bare wire audio out.

Item is in good shape. Includes power adapter.

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Converts AES/EBU, AES3ID, and SPDIF digital audio to balanced and unbalanced audio.

Broadcast studios and video production facilities often require high-quality digital to analog audio converters to carry out different tasks. The HR-DAC1 from RDL is a compact D to A converter that was designed specifically for this task. It receives data from several different digital formats and converts them into broadcast-quality analog audio. The rear panel features digital inputs for AES/EBU, AES3ID, and S/PDIF in both optical and coaxial formats. The HR-DAC1 will automatically detect when one of these signals is present, and verify that it's a valid digital signal and not inhibited by phase-lock and bit errors. Once verified, the signal gets locked in and a green LED illuminates on the front panel. The HR-DAC1 goes a step further to ensure a high-level of stability with its proprietary ""Sure-Lok"" functionality. It monitors for possible causes of unforeseen latch-up problems, and re-initiates the digital signal lock when necessary. Capable of handling signals up to 24 bit 192 kHz, the HR-DAC1 provides top-notch quality audio. A clear lens on the face of the unit will protect labels placed above the controls for installations. With its compact, all metal construction, and its user-friendly interface, the HR-DAC1 is a great choice for a wide range of production environments.