Extron MLS 406SA - Audio Video Switch with amplified audio

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Brand: Extron

Model: Extron MLS 406SA 


Extron MLS 406SA Extron MLS 406SA - Audio Video Switch with amplified audio.  Switches 3  composite video inputs and 3 RGB(VGA) video inputs with their corresponding stereo audio. Outputs audio amplified or preamplified. DOES NOT CONVERT VIDEO SIGNALS.  Switching function to like video only.  Includes power cord. Estimated price $20-$30 The Extron MLS 406SA is a simple-to-use, six input, multi-format switcher that provides computer video, S-video, and composite video switching, along with stereo audio input switching. An additional input accepts balanced/unbalanced mono line-level audio signals for mixing with any of the four switchable inputs. The switcher features an integrated audio amplifier with 24 watts, 2 x 12 watts RMS, for 4-ohm speakers and 16 watts, 2 x 8 watts RMS, for 8-ohm speakers to suit the needs of the installation. For enhanced operation, ease of room control, and simplified system integration, the MLS 406SA can be controlled with a TouchLink® Control System or MediaLink® Controller.

Functionality: Routed VGA signal to monitor and RGB outputs. Routed composite video through all inputs to the composite output.  Tested 3 RCA stereo inputs and amplified audio output. Did not test “Line Level Mono” or “Line Out Preamp”. Did not test s/video inputs.
Physical Condition: Light Signs of wear and use. Minor scuff on one unit.
Comes with the Cables Shown.

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