Extron DVI 201 - DVI/HDMI over CAT. Includes transmitter and receiver. Tested!!

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Brand: Extron

Condition: Grade B - Minor defects, light scuffs

Tested for Key Functions, R2/Ready for Resale : Tested for key functions. Ran DVI signal over CAT cable back to DVI. Tested local output port. Did not test serial port.


The Extron DVI 201 is a transmitter and receiver set that enables DVI or HDMI signals to be carried over distances significantly beyond the capability of standard DVI or HDMI cables. Linked together using two economical and integration-friendly shielded CATx or Extron STP201 cables, the DVI 201 transmitter and receiver work together to send single link DVI-D or HDMI signals over 200 feet (60 meters) for HDTV and XGA 1024x768.