Desktop Processors Intel Core i5 & i7 Mixed Models QTY: 165 (view details)

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HBR # Processor Model
HBR9999-9999-03374 i5-2300
HBR007760 i5-2390t
HBR1908-2202-00028 i5-2400
HBR1908-2202-00056 i5-2400
HBR1908-2202-00083 i5-2400
HBR1908-2202-00035 i5-2400
HBR1908-2202-00054 i5-2400
HBR1908-2202-00061 i5-2400
HBR1908-2202-00037 i5-2400
HBR1908-2202-00040 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-01645 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03378 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03377 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03983 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03987 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03986 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03981 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-02703 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03982 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03984 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-01794 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-01783 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-01789 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-01791 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-01764 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-01765 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03726 i5-2400
HER0004474 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-01000 i5-2400
HBR1904-0305-00001 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03994 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03991 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03978 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03975 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03950 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03948 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03947 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-03952 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-01754 i5-2400
HBR9999-9999-00808 i5-2400
HBR1905-2203-00017 i5-2400
HBR1910-1001-00076 i5-2400s
HBR1910-1001-00088 i5-2400s
HBR1910-1001-00112 i5-2400s
HBR1911-0701-00059 i5-2400s
HBR9999-9999-01743 i5-2400s
HBR1908-1602-00002 i5-2500
HBR1902-2603-00026 i5-2500
HBR9999-9999-00996 i5-2500
HER002705 i5-2500
HBR9999-9999-03959 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03963 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03962 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03972 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03965 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03967 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03970 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03966 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03955 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03960 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03968 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03971 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03969 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-03725 i5-2500s
HBR9999-9999-00855 i5-2500s
HBR1906-2403-00450 i5-3330s
HBR9999-9999-01751 i5-3330s
HER004562 i5-3350
HBR1908-0804-00511 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-00980 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-00998 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-00982 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-00856 i5-3470
HBR1905-0701-00009 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-03720 i5-3470
HBR1908-0603-00002 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-03736 i5-3470
HER0004473 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-03723 i5-3470
HBR1905-0701-00005 i5-3470
HBR1910-1001-00125 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-03724 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-01790 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-03985 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-03956 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-01883 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-00983 i5-3470
HBR9999-9999-02699 i5-3470s
HBR9999-9999-02697 i5-3470s
HBR9999-9999-03989 i5-3470s
HBR9999-9999-03990 i5-3470s
HBR9999-9999-01766 i5-3470s
HBR9999-9999-01769 i5-3470s
HBR9999-9999-03988 i5-3470s
HBR1906-2602-00031 i5-3470s
HBR9999-9999-03954 i5-3470t
HBR9999-9999-02696 i5-3470t
HBR9999-9999-02687 i5-3470t
HBR9999-9999-01740 i5-3470t
HBR1907-3002-00024 i5-3470t
HBR1907-3002-00029 i5-3470t
HBR9999-9999-01745 i5-3470t
HBR9999-9999-02693 i5-3470t
HBR9999-9999-02701 i5-3470t
HBR9999-9999-01744 i5-3470t
HBR1907-3002-00037 i5-3470t
HBR1907-3002-00040 i5-3470t
HBR1907-3002-00023 i5-3470t
HBR1907-3002-00026 i5-3470t
HBR1911-1501-00010 i5-3470t
HBR1911-1501-00009 i5-3470t
HBR1906-2001-00021 i5-3470t
HBR1906-2001-00015 i5-3470t
HBR1906-2001-00014 i5-3470t
HBR1906-2001-00016 i5-3470t
HBR1906-2001-00013 i5-3470t
HBR1906-2001-00017 i5-3470t
HBR1906-2001-00018 i5-3470t
HBR9999-9999-01756 i5-3550s
HBR9999-9999-03721 i5-3550s
HBR9999-9999-03735 i5-3550s
HBR9999-9999-03722 i5-3550s
HBR1908-1304-00003 i5-3570
HBR1902-2603-00131 i5-3570s
HBR1908-0804-00875 i5-3570s
HBR1909-1701-00130 i5-3570s
HBR1909-1701-00233 i5-3570s
HBR9999-9999-02689 i5-3570s
HBR1909-1701-00084 i5-3570s
HBR5555-2019-00028 i3-4160t
HBR007366 i5-4440
HBR9999-9999-01881 i5-4460
HBR1906-2403-0091 i5-4460s
HBR9999-9999-00681 i5-4570
HBR1907-3002-00038 I5-4570s
HBR1907-3002-00027 I5-4570s
HBR1907-3002-00036 I5-4570s
HBR1907-3002-00028 I5-4570s
HBR1907-3002-00034 I5-4570s
HBR9999-9999-02688 I5-4570t
HBR1906-2401-00010 i5-4590
HBR9999-9999-01741 i5-4590t
HBR9999-9999-03951 i5-4590t
HBR9999-9999-02694 i5-4590t
HBR9999-9999-03734 i5-650
HBR9999-9999-01862 i5-650
HBR9999-9999-00506 i5-650
HBR9999-9999-00508 i5-650
HBR9999-9999-00509 i5-650
HBR1908-2202-00027 i5-650
HBR1908-2202-00026 i5-650
HBR1907-1901-00005 i5-650
HBR9999-9999-03376 i5-650
HBR9999-9999--03945 i5-650
HBR9999-9999--03957 i5-650
HBR9999-9999--03961 i5-650
HBR1902-2603-00178 i5-3570s
HBR9999-9999-00505 i7-2600
HBR9999-9999-00854 i7-2600k
HBR9999-9999-00507 i7-860
HER002703 i7-860
HER002730 i7-870
HER0004472 i7-870
HBR1909-2404-00007 i7-950
HBR9999-9999-02702 i7-960

All items will be packaged very nicely and with care.  Feel free to ask us any questions and we will do our best to answer them.  Returns are accepted from 30 days of original delivery date. If you have any problems with the product please contact us first and we will be more than happy to help. If you need to return your item please contact us via message so that your return can be processed quickly and efficiently.  All serial numbers and/or IMEI are recorded to discourage fraud. Thank you for your time and interest we hope to do business with you.

Please note: This listing only includes the items and accessories pictured or mentioned.  All other cords, software, adapters, cables, parts, manuals, remotes, etc are not included if not pictured or mentioned.  Thank you for your understanding.