DeSisti LED Leonardo Mod. LT310(M.O) LT311(P.O)

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DeSisti LED Leonardo Mod. LT310(M.O) LT311(P.O)

Tested for key functionality: Powered on and adjusted light brightness.  Gets to proper brightness.  Power cord not included.  Comes with mounting bracket.

Unit has some nicks and scratches, nothing major.

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Description (may not be accurate to unit):

Built on the foundation of their extremely popular Leonardo Fresnel, the DeSisti LED Leonardo 120W Fresnel M.O. - Tungsten Balanced (120 VAC) offers the same silky controls, system compatibility and sturdy construction but with a twist. This is a 120W cool-running luminaire that provides high output with very low energy consumption in a lightweight form factor. DeSisti uses Plano Convex and Fresnel optics to give you a 9.8" Fresnel with an impressive 6.0-60 degree beam angle that cuts so cleanly with the included barndoors that you'll find it hard to believe it's not a standard Fresnel. The Leonardo offers both local (manual) and remote DMX dimming that reads out on its digital display. This version of the LED Leonardo 120W is tungsten balanced to integrate seamlessly with traditional tungsten sources. A C-Clamp with Junior receiver is included to hang the light.