Crestron DMPS-200-C - DigitalMedia Presentation System 5 x HDMI Input

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Crestron DMPS-200-C - DigitalMedia Presentation System 5 x HDMI Input

Tested for key functionality,  R2/Ready for Resale: tested all HDMI ports. Tested DM output.

Units are in good shape.

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Includes Crestron HD-RX4-C-B for decoding of HDMI over ethernet. Does not include 24V Creston ac adapter.


  • High-Definition multimedia system switcher, mic mixer, audio DSP, amplifier, and control system
  • Integrated DigitalMedia™ switcher featuring DM 8G+™ technology
  • HDBaseT® Certified — Enables direct connection to third-party HDBaseT devices
  • Matrix signal routing for up to 6 sources and 2 displays
  • Handles HDMI®, DVI, DisplayPort Multimode, HDBaseT and SPDIF digital sources
  • Handles RGB, composite, S-Video, component, and stereo audio analog sources
  • Features auto-detecting, auto-switching inputs for all types of video and audio sources
  • Includes built-in 4-channel gated microphone mixing w/DSP
  • Affords versatile audio signal mixing and routing to 5 separate outputs
  • Allows audio-follow-video or breakaway switching for all inputs
  • Enables HDMI audio signal extraction and embedding
  • Provides 3 stereo analog outputs with independent DSP per output
  • Features built-in 40 Watt amplifier, selectable for 8 Ohm stereo or 70/100 Volt mono operation
  • Multi-channel PCM, Dolby®, and DTS® audio signals can be routed to the HDMI and DM 8G+ outputs
  • DigitalMedia 8G+™ connectivity affords single-wire CAT5e interface for remote source and display devices
  • Furnishes Power over DM® or HDBaseT for PoDM/PoH-powered devices