B&W DM110i

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B&W DM110i

Tested for key functionality: Tested to pass audio and that they are structurally sound.  Speaker surrounds are in good shape. Tweeters work well.

Some wear to outer casing, some damage to dust covers. One unit has some damage to corner please see photo.

This listing only includes the items and accessories pictured or mentioned.  All other cords, software, adapters, cables, parts, manuals, remotes, etc are not included if not pictured or mentioned.  Thank you for your understanding.

The B&W DM110i is a home unit designed for use with component stereo systems. The B&W stereo speakers utilise a woofer and tweeter and incorporate a blowhole for venting. Removable grills protect the home stereo speakers from damage and hide them from view. The peak handling power for a single unit in this set is 75 watts, and the B&W DM110i system requires a minimum of 10 watts of power for operation. The B&W stereo speakers use a sensitivity of 98 dB. The minimum frequency response for the home stereo speakers is 70 Hz with a maximum frequency response of 20 kHz. Drivers for this unit measure 26 mm in the tweeter and 200 mm in the woofer. The material for the woofer consists of a high-temperature voice coil with critically impregnated composite short fibre cones. The tweeter is a dome/coil construction of special polymide material. The B&W stereo speakers measure 26 cm wide by 49 cm high by 25 cm deep."