AMX DVX-3155HD-SP - All-In-One Presentation Switcher

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  • Switch and control HDMI, DVI, audio, and RS-422 Serial. Outputs HDMI over Ethernet through DX LINK HDMI.
  • AMX DVX-3155HD Features:
  • All-In-One Presentation Switcher in a 3 RU Box –Controller, matrix switcher, scaler, analog to digital converter, amplifier,plus twisted pair distribution and professional-grade audio DSP
  • HDMI/HDCP Switching with Simplicity of Analog –End-to-end distribution of HDMI/HDCP without interruption or key constraints using InstaGate Pro Technology
  • Matrix Switching – Freely route any input to any or all outputs without blocking - 10x4 video switcher and 14x4 audio switcher with audio breakaway
  • SmartScale Technology – Automatically responds to the display's declared EDID information and scales the video to the best resolution and video parameters for that display without manual setup
  • This prevents inferior video quality when sources are forced to lower resolutions to support the least capable display in the system
  • AV and Control Over Twisted Pair – Send and receive audio, video, bi-directional control and Ethernet up to 100m over one standard twisted pair cable
  • Analog to Digital Video Conversion With Scaled Outputs – Converts any source signal to digital and uses SmartScale Technology to automatically output video that is perfectly scaled for each connected display
  • Saves Energy – Includes features that dramatically reduce energy utilization. Use the interactive DVX Energy Savings Calculator to estimate savings for your particular configuration
  • Tested DVI and HDMI ports. Tested audio input 3.5 mm jacks . Tested audio outputs 1-5. Did not test serial. checked link on ethernet ports.
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