Panja VSS2 Video Sync Sensor units on 1U rack (3x)

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3 x VSS2 Video Sync  Sensor units on 1U rack

Tested for Key Functions, R2/Ready for Resale: Power on. Sense light comes on when composite signal is present.

Units are dirty but overall in working condition

No AC adapter but original phoenix connectors and wiring included.

All units labeled VSS2. 2 units are labeled Panja, 1 unit is AMX.  

The VSS2 Video Sync Sensor (FG5916-10) is equipped with two independent signal detection channels. When a signal is present, each detection channel initiates a logiclevel output, and dual video jacks for each channel allow loop-through operation. The VSS2 is an ideal power sensor for DVDs and other video sources, or to provide a warning on loss of audio, video or RGB signal. Monitor the power state of device through presence of signal over RCA cable.