Reduced Cost Computers

At Homeboy Electronics Recycling we are focused on helping community members get the best prices on quality refurbished equipment.  

To help reduce the cost of computers Homeboy participates in the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program.  This program offers reduced prices on Windows 10 operating systems for organizations and individuals who qualify. 

Qualified Organizations

  • Non-Profits
  • Governmental Organizations
  • Schools/Colleges/Universities
  • Healthcare Organizations

For more information click here

Qualified Individuals

In general, an individual will qualify if they receive state benefits or are an individual with a disability. For more information click here

What if I don't qualify for either?

If you don't qualify as an organization or an indiviudal, you must select commercial or retail license when purchasing a refurbished computer from us.

Still Unsure?  

No worries, just email us at with your questions and we'll get back to you!